Accountability Partner Circle

10 meetings | Duration 90’ minutes/per meeting Via Zoom Facilitator: Gina Theofilidou / Chairman IMA Greece

What is the role of an accountability partner?

Her/His role is similar to that of a mentor, with some important differences. A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor who can teach you from his knowledge and experiences. Your relationship with a mentor is usually hierarchical, but an accountability partner is a peer.

Having someone who knows your profession, who is a colleague, who can be honest with you and can keep you on track, can make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

Purpose of the Program

The empowerment and support of the members of the Greek IMA Team that are in the process of looking for work and achieving their goals.

By participating in these meetings, you will be able to have a peer to keep yourself accountable, focused, while at the same time will share with you experience, tools but also will give you feedback on the steps you will create to reach to your goal.

To be able to evaluate if your participation in this one cycle of meetings suits you consider the following:

  • How do you measure and evaluate your progress?
  • How do you react when the day is not utilized, the sources of finding work?
  • How do you respond after a "failed" interview?

If you want to join the program, Register here!

The first introductory meeting is scheduled for 20/4/2021 at 19:30

If you want to participate send us an