Business Membership

  • Membership Benefits

    • At our regularly events you get to meet with assistants – very often the first door opener to companies where your access is not that easily won.
    • You get to promote your goods or services at first hand.
    • Two team members are entitled to a free membership and they can participate to our monthly events
    • Your company logo with direct link to your website will be available on our website
  • Eligibility

    You are eligible to become a corporate member if you are a company or independent professional that offering services or products in any of the following sectors: Tourism (Hotel Chains, Travel Agencies), Consumer Products (Stationary supplies), Recruiting and HR Consulting Firms, Training.

  • Fee

    You can become a corporate member at a yearly (01.01 - 31.12) membership fee of 200 euro.

  • Application

    In order to become a corporate member you will need to apply by:

    1) Filling out and sending the following documents to

    -A presentation of yourself or your company and the goods / services you deliver

    2) Taking knowledge of our Code of Conduct

    For any inquiry about the corporate membership please get in touch with our PR Officer at