Discover below our membership categories and select the one that works best for you.

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Professional/Personal Membership

If you are a management support professional working at the management or executive level with the corresponding diploma or degree in  Business Administration, Management, H.R , Marketing  with corresponding working experience in our profession?   

Professional membership is granted to individuals who hold positions such as Management Assistant, Executive Assistant, Executive Secretary, Personal Assistant, Office Manager/Supervisor, Office Administrator, Virtual Assistant, or Team Leader, or who have held similar positions and work in management and executive level.  

The annual membership fee applicable in IMA Greece is €80.-  Initial Registration Fee: €15 (one-off payment)

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Business Membership

We also welcome memberships from Corporations and other companies such as local & international businesses &  organisations, hotel chains, universities & colleges, travel agencies, recruiting firms, as well as professional trainers, speakers, HR consultan, and other service providers that can complement our profession and members.  

The annual membership fee applicable in IMA GREECE is €120.- Initial Registration Fee: €15 (one-off payment)

Membership Benefits

  • At our regular events you get to meet with assistants – very often the first door opener to companies where your access is not that easily won.
  • You get to promote your goods or services at firsthand.
  • Two team members are entitled to a free membership and they can participate to our monthly events
  • Your company logo with direct link to your website will be available on our website

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IMA comes to your School!

Gina Theofilidou, our National Chairman would love to come and present IMA in your school.

Tutors, Trainers  and students will get the unique opportunity to ask questions and understand the importance of the role, the skills that are in demand now in the market, and the real benefits of the membership.

Contact her for scheduling a presentation of IMA at

Associate Membership

Other members will be accepted if they attend a business school or secretarial school or college with a maximum of two years' membership. 
Can also be members who are in job search with a maximum of a one-year membership.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to our working meeting events
  • Gain access to the online platform (in their own name, access cannot be shared)
  • Have a vote in the AGM
  • Receive personal mailings and invites
  • Can attend Training Days and Conferences at member fees

Students can apply for a personal professional membership themselves upon their graduation.

If you have any other questions about this membership type please contact our National Chairman, Gina Theofilidou at

The annual membership fee applicable in IMA Greece is €40.- Initial Registration Fee: €15 (one-off payment)

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