We are a non-profit organization registered in Athens, Greece. The business of the Association is run by the following governing bodies.

We take privacy and professional ethics to heart – read our Privacy Policy Notice and Code of Conduct.

  • Annual General Meeting

Our members control the business of the Association annually in the General Meeting. There is one AGM meeting centrally and one nationally per year.

  • National Committee

The National Committee of the Association is responsible for the efficient running of the Association. It consists of the National Chairman, the National Treasurer, and the National PR Officer.

Each representative is elected by the members at the national AGM (Annual General Meeting). Each Board member serves for a term of  (3) years with the possibility to renew for another term of (3) years. 


Working Meetings

Our bi-monthly meetings are not only integral to achieving team goals and successful completion of tasks but also are reflective overall of our association functioning.

Whether they are conducted in real-time (in-person) or remotely by the zoom platform, are important tools for managing tasks and productivity and ensuring that we are in line with our strategic plan.

Each member shares their knowledge, skills, and perspectives to solve problems and support one another in achieving our professional goals and growth.

The regular working meeting agenda includes:

  • Council Members update
  • Project Teams update
  • Business - Strategy

Project Teams Meetings

The project teams are a very important part of the Association, they undertake and carry out the main activities of the Association as Training, Events, and Professional Standards. Every member has the ability and is encouraged to participate and practice their skills. 

Project Teams meet regularly to follow up with their responsibilities.