An amazing Training Day with the topic: “I am here to stay! Reskilled, Upskilled and Prepared for the Future of Now!” organized by IMA Greece - International Management Assistants on Saturday, 22nd of October with more than 50 #delegates with physical and online presence from #13 #multinational and #greek companies and the celebration of #40years #anniversary of the date of our establishment in Greece as the #unique association for Management Support Professionals.

Sharing #knowledge can make the difference between survival and extinction. And as Dalai Lama said, “Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality”.

💡 Delegates had the #opportunity to #learn all about #elevating the profession, #share cases and #thoughts, network and #experience the #IMAevent feeling!
We had the honor of the opening speech addressed by Leonidas Christopoulos, General Secretary of Digital Governance and Procedures at the Ministry of Digital Governance, about the required digital skills for our role.
🙏 A #huge thank you to our speakers Christos FouskoudisErato Paraschaki, Marlene Michaelidou PhiIippou - Lead Conscious Lives and Agnes Alice Mariakaki for their #valuable #content #contribution to the changes in work culture and management. 
Speakers shared with us:
✔ What has changed in our job description
✔ What they expect from Business Support Professionals
✔ Where we need to focus to enhance our skills
✔ What do we need to do to increase our self-awareness
✔ Where our role strengths are hidden
✔ How we can craft our career path
✔ If there is a future for the role of Administrative Assistant and if it will be the same as it used to be
✔ How do the Upskilled and Reskilled strategies are applied practically in our role
✔ What are the criteria for a Management Assistant to be considered successful
✔ Why it is important to be a member of a network with like-minded professionals
✔ What are those factors that could help us to be more resilient and more flexible and adapt to the new working way?
The day was completed with an #extraordinary #Improvisation session with Menelaos Prokos offering us a #Fresh Approach to #Collaborative #Teamwork!